Transportation in Ilha Grande

The beautiful island of Ilha Grande is an ecological reserve that is accessible only from the mainland by boat. The main points of departure to Ilha Grande are the coastal cities of Mangaratiba and Angra dos Reis. Angra do Reis offers better transportation options to Ilha Grande and has a good infrastructure since there is a large hotel and banking network in the city and strong trade. It is from Angra that supplies are shipped to Ilha Grande. We have important informations on our destination guide bellow. Please, read it all.

Ilha Grande Transportation Guide

Arriving on the island isn't always an easy task as it involves the synchronisation of your arrival point in Brazil, travel to a port city, bus and ferry schedules, which vary depending upon whether you are travelling on a weekday or the weekend. There is, however, excellent communication between the island and the port cities of Mangaratiba and Angra dos Reis. Ferries depart daily and the average crossing time is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Be aware that Angra dos Reis city has 3 different wharfs where boats leaves to Ilha Grande.  Although the destination of most ferries departing for Ilha Grande is Abraão village, it is important to take great care not to board a boat departing to another part of the island! Once you have arrived in Ilha Grande, you will walk, ride a bicycle, or travel by boat. Only public service or military vehicles are permitted on the island, so any rented vehicle must be left on the mainland. 

To arrive in the city of Angra or Mangaratiba, from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, you can rent a car, take a bus or 
rent a taxi (recommended). 

If you would like any assistance, talk to your local connection and we will help you arrive safely in Ilha Grande!

Taking one of our tours options in Ilha Grande is a great way to transport yourself around the island while seeing and experiencing some of the best the island has to offer. Take a look at our 
Brazil Transportation Guide for some tips and information about travelling in Brazil and for links to other local connections on the WHL network within Brazil.

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