Ilha Grande weather

Ilha Grande has pleasant weather throughout the year, with the temperature touching the high twenties. There are occasional storms at night, but these won't interfere with your travel plans.

Since this is an oceanic island surrounded by the sea, Ilha Grande generally remains humid and warm, with a tropical climate throughout the year.

Check out our six-day Ilha Grande weather forecast below for current and predicted weather conditions in Ilha Grande.

Air temperatures range between 15°C and 30°C, and water temperatures between 18°C and 24°C. About 200 days out of the 365 in a year are bright and sunny. The average temperature through the year is about 22.5°C. February is the warmest month, with an average of 25.7°C and July is the coldest month on the island, with an average temperature of 19.6°C.

The average annual rainfall is 2.242 mm. January has the most rain, with an average rainfall of 293 mm, while July is the driest month, with about 87 mm of rainfall. Since the island experiences a tropical climate, rainfall during the summer is quite common. It generally rains in the afternoon or night, with winds that go up to 10 knots. The average temperature during this season is somewhere between 28° C and 36° C. The days are bright and sunny during the autumn, with winds blowing constantly from the south/southwest and southeast. The maximum temperature is 30°C, while the minimum is 20°C. Winters are dry and cool, with temperatures that fluctuate between 12°C and 25°C, and occasional strong winds that go up to 25/35 knots. Spring is warmer, with temperatures that go up to 22°C - 30°C. East winds that come from the southwest and southeast blow through the island through the spring, diminishing in frequency as the island marches towards summer.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Jul 24
Hi:  82°F
Lo:  64°F
Jul 25
Hi:  83°F
Lo:  64°F
Jul 26
Hi:  81°F
Lo:  64°F
Jul 27
Hi:  79°F
Lo:  62°F
Jul 28
Hi:  77°F
Lo:  62°F
Jul 29
Hi:  76°F
Lo:  64°F