FAQ - Frequent questions

Q: How much, on average, spend a couple with food for each day?
A: In the Vila do Abraão, you will find since bakeries, cafes, restaurants self service, until a la carte of better quality. You can calculate BRL 25.00 to BRL 100.00 for restaurants;

Q: How many days do I need to know the Ilha Grande?
A: Ideally, a full week. Three days, you just give a cursory glance and you have to choose some of the more traditional tours;

Q: Cell phone operates on the Ilha Grande?
A: In communities facing the continent, from the Bay of Palmas to Araçatiba yes: Nextel, Claro, Oi, Tim and Vivo with GSM technology work well, but there are some spots of shade. 3G is very unstable;

Q: Is it possible money exchange ?
A: There is no exchange offices, but some shops and pousadas can arrange this.